Having a Glimpse of Spring in Athens

Spring in Athens is the best season for visitors to explore the city in their vacations.

The weather during the day is amazing and you can walk all around the center of Athens with pleasure. The Old City of Athens Plaka and Monastiraki are filled with people enjoying the sunny weather as the winter is replaced by the summer solstice and the day is getting longer.


During the day, you may visit the National Garden which is a very popular attraction boasting a plethora of rare species of plants. In Athens you will have the opportunity to watch concerts in many open areas or even in yards of museums. As an example, the New Acropolis Museum has regularly hosted concerts since 2009.


Athens celebrates spring by organizing cultural events and exhibitions in all areas of the city. Entrance is free for the public starting in the morning until late in the evening. If you wish, you can visit the suburbs near the sea, since there are many parks where you will find a nice place to relax and enjoy the sun.


Don’t be surprised if you see many people swimming, as the weather is wonderful and the temperature is good enough, especially in May. The old city of Athens with the neoclassic houses and their gardens will make you discover another hidden part of Athens, which will pleasantly surprise you. The open ancient sights like the ancient agora are what you need to find peace of mind, since the scenery offers serenity in any dimension within the natural environment.


It is a very nice opportunity to walk at the foot of Acropolis Hill and find yourself up in the picturesque Anafiotika area. There, blue window frames and doors on the total white constructions of the houses and the flowers all around will give you the feeling of being in a Cycladic island of the Aegean Sea.


If you like hiking then you can join groups or participate in walking tours in the city since the nice weather and breeze is what you need to explore with great pleasure!